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How to Use Our Services?

Simply contact us indicating your interest in using our services!

Once you have authorised us to do so, we will proactively scan individuals matching your requirements, interview them, and submit short-listed résumés for your consideration.

Register a Vacancy

If you have not used our services before, then we will discuss our Terms of Business with you. Once signed, there is no need to sign another one again unless our terms change.

If you are using our contract services then we will generally submit a proposal outlining how we will carry out the service, together with the rates applicable. As part of our quality service, references are always followed up on our contractors.

What We Can Offer

Full Cycle Recruitment

Need to recruit staff quickly but don’t have time to process masses of mostly unsuitable résumés?

CRS offers a cost and time effective solution. We have an extensive database of candidates of all levels with a variety of technical skills. Once you give us your job requirement, this will be posted on our website for as long as needed.

Of course, we also search our candidate database for the closest matches to your requirement. We pre-screen all candidates and submit only those résumés to you that we have short-listed as the most suitable for the job. These candidates will have the skills you need, are willing to work for the salary you specify, and are keen to work for your company.

Contract Resourcing

In this case, you contact CRS to perform a temporary assignment. We assume the responsibility of ensuring the continuity and quality of the personnel assigned to the contract, so that you can focus on your business.

Regional Sourcing/Placements

CRS has attracted many international applications from technical professionals wanting to work in the Caribbean, including nationals wishing to return. Conversely, CRS is well placed to be a source of quality candidates to work anywhere in the world.

HR Outsourcing & Strategy

CRS has partnered with various companies that are looking for technical people and human resource planning for their own clients across the oil & gas sector, technology, construction and manufacturing industries. We work with you to discuss your HR planning and strategy including any reporting requirements, scorecards, HR core processes such as knowledge transfer, coaching and process design.

Job Role Specific

Projects you bid for or you may need support for an internal project may require a subject-matter expert. We help source the best experts and consultants in your industry.


IT Outsourcing

Work with our pre-screened freelancers to manage your IT-enabled business processes, application and infrastructure services as and when you need them. Sometimes, you simply need someone to sort out your IT issues without the commitment of a retainer.


Talk to us about the learning needs of your organisation and we can tailor training programs, source role specific consultants to help you up-skill your team to meet your organisations’ goals and targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

For permanent recruitment, there is a one-off charge (details supplied on request) once a candidate has been engaged by the client.  There is a nominal deposit for administration purposes once we submit suitable candidates, with the balance of the recruitment fee payable on successful placement.  Otherwise there is no payment until we place someone with your organization, unless there are other services involved.

For contract recruitment, our charge is incorporated into the rate agreed for the contractor, and this is payable to CRS according to terms negotiated. We are responsible for paying the contractor as he/she is, in fact, sub-contracting to CRS.  There are no other costs unless there are other services involved.

That’s ok. It is always good to refresh providers or consider your options. We are happy to send you a choice of quality technical professionals to help you shorten your resource time and get the best fit for your company

If we introduce a candidate to you, then you may not approach him or her directly for work in any capacity for a period of 12 months after his or her last job or introduction by us to you. Otherwise, you will be obliged to pay us an appropriate fee.

If the person was a permanent recruit then we will find a free replacement if the person leaves the job for any reason within a certain period of time. This free replacement is subject to certain conditions defined in our Terms of Business.

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